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Captive Fasteners

Rainbow Electronics supplies all Captive Fasteners components and connectors for your commercial electronic hardware and components needs. No matter what project you have in mind or what specific electronic hardware or component parts your searching for, look no further.

Below is a partial list of the Captive Fasteners components and connectors that we carry. We would list them all, but there just isn't enough room!

For more information about our complete line of Captive Fasteners products click here.

  • Self-Clinching Floating Nuts
  • Self-Clinching Floating Locking Nuts
  • Self-Clinching Nuts for Stainless Steel
  • Self-Clinching Blind Nuts
  • Self-Clinching Steel and Stainless Steel Nuts
  • Self-Clinching Steel Heavy Duty Nuts
  • Self-Clinching Aluminum Nuts
  • Self-Clinching Flush Nuts
  • Miniature Self-Clinching, Self-Locking Fasteners
  • Self-Clinching Top Collar Lock Nuts
  • Self-Clinching Studs, Flush Head
  • Self-Clinching Studs, High Torque
  • Self-Clinching Studs, Thin Sheet
  • Close-to-Edge Studs
  • 400 Series Stainless Steel Studs
  • Self-Clinching Pins
  • Broaching Nut for Plated Holes in PC Boards
  • Spring-Top Standoffs for P-C Boards
  • Self-Clinching/ Broaching Panel Fastener Assemblies with Captive Screws
  • Self-Clinching Standoffs
  • Self-Clinching Grounding Standoffs
  • Self-Clinching Slide-Top Standoffs
  • Unthreaded Thru-Hole Standoffs
  • Thin Head Standoffs
  • Spring-Top Stanoffs
  • Weld Nuts
  • Panel Screw Components