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Allied Devices Mechanical Assemblies and Components

Rainbow Electronics supplies all Allied Devices products for your commercial electronic hardware and components needs. No matter what project you have in mind or what specific electronic hardware or component parts your searching for, look no further.

Below is a partial list of the Allied Devices parts and supplies that we carry. We would list them all, but there just isn't enough room!

For more information about our complete line of Allied Devices products click here.

Rotary Motion Assemblies Gears Rotary Motion Components Linear Motion Assemblies
Speed Reducers
Pin Hub Gears
Gear Heads Timing Pulleys Cams & Followers Lead Screw Assembly
Helical Gear Timing Belts Dials & Verniers ACME Leadnuts
Boxes 32 Pitch Idler Shaft Adapters Screws
Servo Gear Geared Pulleys Knobs & Cranks ACME Lead
Boxes 32 Pitch Clamps Flanges
Worm & Wheel Belts Hubs Leadnut Mounting
Assemblies Geared Pulley Collars Linear Bearings & Shafts
Miter & Bevel 32 Pitch Couplings Linear Slides
Gear Boxes Pulleys Bearings & Bushings Pinions
Differentials Grooved Threaded Shafts  
Genevas Belts    
Motion Split Hub Gears
Assemblies Sprockets    
Intermittent O-Ring Pulley    
Assembly Hardware Metric Gears Metric Rotary Motion Components Metric Assembly Hardware
Pins Pin Hub Gears
Shafts Pins
Cotter Pins Timing Pulleys Bearings External Retaining
External Retaining Timing Belts Couplings Rings
Rings Sprockets Collars Internal Retaining Rings
Internal Retaining Roller Chain Hubs Spacers
Washers Gears Clamps Washers
Spacers Miter & Bevel   Shoulder Screws
Springs Worm Wheels   Set Screws
Cleats & Clamps Worms   Screws
Threaded Inserts Helical Gears   Nuts
Shoulder Screws Gears    
Set Screws Anti-backlash    
Screws Hubless Gears    
Nuts Split Hub Gears    
Hangers, Tooling Plates & Spacer Posts      
Development Kits      
Handles & Tools      
Clamp Assemblies